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    InDrive FULL v1.3.3 3062195fe186f16m3

    InDrive FULL v1.3.3

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    InDrive FULL v1.3.3 Empty InDrive FULL v1.3.3

    Mensagem por igo em 27.06.13 8:53

    Requirements: Android v2.2+

    InDrive FULL v1.3.3 Indrive-600x262

    InDrive is a unique application that combines car mode functionality with an advanced trip computer and deep Poweramp integration. With one-touch access to the most useful features on your phone, this app is your perfect driving companion!

    Trip computer features:
    * Street address
    * Speedometer (mph, km/h or knots)
    * Heading
    * Battery level
    * Weather (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
    * Odometer
    * Time traveled (total / driving / stopped)
    * Average speed (total / driving)
    * Max speed
    * Elevation
    * Time of day

    Startup options:
    • Enable car mode (Force the phone into car mode like it had been placed in the car dock)
    • Check GPS status (Open the location settings screen if GPS is disabled)
    • Turn on Bluetooth
    • Disable Wi-Fi
    • Set media volume (Does not affect the ringtone volume)
    • Set screen brightness (Will override the automatic brightness setting if necessary)

    Other settings:
    • Keep screen on (Prevent the screen from locking while the app is running)
    • Disable auto rotation (Turn this option on when driving on bumpy roads)
    • Turn on speakerphone
    • Mute notification sounds
    • Vibrate on press
    • Minimum accuracy
    • Filter the GPS speed
    • Run in the background
    • Enable track logging
    • Exit on undock


    Número de Mensagens : 133
    Idade : 48
    Localização : braga
    Reputação : 8
    Data de inscrição : 30/03/2009

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