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Bejeweled Blitz v1.3.3 3062195fe186f16m3

Bejeweled Blitz v1.3.3

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Bejeweled Blitz v1.3.3 Empty Bejeweled Blitz v1.3.3

Mensagem por igo em 05.06.13 18:47

Bejeweled Blitz v1.3.3
Requirements: 2.3.3+

Bejeweled Blitz v1.3.3 291a5_1mc_z7axthAT_jd5e8LekS1Q4Fdvc2N-E9pFEZY5fj8okPbZTHp75lCO_2cRscby4nM

Treat yourself to an exciting take on the world's #1 puzzle game from PopCap! Play for free on your Android as you match and detonate as many gems as you can in 60 action-packed seconds and compete with Facebook friends. Match 3 or more and create cascades of fun with Flame gems, Star gems, and Hypercubes. Add up to three Boosts at a time plus powerful Rare Gems to send your score soaring, and dominate the weekly leaderboards!

Game Features
Boost your fun with Detonators, Scramblers and Multipliers.
Match as fast as you can to earn Blazing Speed and blow gems away.
Get a ‘Last Hurrah’ to pile up points even after your time expires.
Feast your eyes and ears on high-definition graphics and sound, optimized for Android devices.
Challenge your Facebook friends to beat your best score and dominate the weekly tournament leaderboards.
Propel your score into the stratosphere with the power of Rare Gems — featuring every Rare Gem from the Facebook game.
Feeling lucky? Play the Daily Spin each day for your chance to win 1,000,000 FREE coins!
Never played before? Use the interactive tutorial to quickly and easily learn how to play.


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